Thijs Lansbergen

Ruta till Ruta goes international – Thijs Lansbergen

Ruta till Ruta gästas av både lokala och långväga gäster. En ur den senare kategorin är Thijs.

Thijs Lansbergen

Full name:

Thijs Lansbergen


23 years old

Form of art:


Have you studied art? Where and for how long?
I have studied Illustration at The Willem De Kooning Academie in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, for 4,5 years.

When would you say you became an artist?
I was pretty bad before I went to the Academie. I was a bit surprised I was actually trough the selection and I was allowed to study there. I just liked drawing. I didn’t have a graphic school before or any experience in illustration. But in the last 1,5 years of the study, I gave myself more freedom to find my own way. So that is where my study went better and better. I graduated a year ago, so I’ve been working as an illustrator for a year now. But I am still learning but it went pretty good in this short time I think.

Have you always worked with the same form of art?
I have always liked an analog way to make illustrations, but in time I have also been working more digital. I think for every job there is another tool that fits best for that specific thing you have to do.

What do you hope to get out of the festival?
For me as an artist it is always good be out of your ‘comfort zone’ once in a while. I hope I can meet a lot of artists from Sweden and other countries and make nice things.

What do you think about Sweden?
I have never been in Sweden before. But I think it must be really nice because you got to have lot of space and nature everywhere around. But I must also be really really cold. I am happy most of the festival is inside.

How would you describe an artist’s life in Netherlands?
I think it is really good. It’s not always easy to reach the right people but it is not a really really big world in which you can’t come in or something. I am surprised how many people you reach by just keep on busy making new work.

What is the best thing about being an artist?
I think it is a combination of doing what you like and whenever you want.


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